Since the introduction of the smartphone, a phone has never again been just a phone. No longer do we use them simply for the purpose of dialing in a number to reach our nearest and dearest, when we can simply video message them; no longer do we dawdle away hours in dentist waiting rooms reading pre-millennium magazines, when we can watch a movie in its entirety or successfully complete every level of Angry Birds. Our cell phones now play a huge part in our day-to-day lives, shaping our day through calendar reminders, weather updates and travel information. It’s not surprising then, that smartphones, specifically the iPhone, are now influencing some of the coolest day-to-day technological advances out there. Here are some of the best:

Philips HF3490 Wake-up Light

If you’re someone who struggles to switch off in the evenings and switch on in the mornings, then an alarm clock simulating sunset and sunrise may be what you never knew you needed! The light within gradually brightens during the half hour proceeding your alarm, along with a gradual increase in volume of your chosen tune. All you need to do is plug your phone and in and away you go – whether that be into a deep sleep, or for an early morning jog.

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Gear4 Unity remote

Surprisingly unassuming; surprisingly great: This cylinder shaped remote allows you to control all of your gadgets, such as the TV and the DVD player, from one place and allows you to preset actions which are then actionable through one touch of a button. It works with your phone via Bluetooth meaning there are no wires to untangle and plug in!

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This one may just win the prize for being the coolest iPhone accessory. By simply plugging in a smart link device to the headphone socket, you are enabling your phone to navigate a remote control helicopter – yes, helicopter. Whilst the device is tilt controlled, cool graphics are displayed on screen, creating an all-round fun experience.

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Keyboard Buddy

Many people, especially if you have large fingers, find the iPhone touch screen quite cumbersome. Whilst several keyboard already exist to try and combat this problem, none of them quite seem to match up to the Keyboard Buddy. It comes in the form a phone case, and has a built in back light.

FilmOn Air tuner

This great little gadget allows you to watch live TV, films and internet channels straight from your mobile. It is subscription based, but all you need to do is plug your dongle into the bottom of your phone and away you go! You can also use the service via a pay as you go system, meaning you’re not committed to a monthly bill when you realise you’re a little busier than you initially thought!


Fancy a fun accessory that doesn’t take itself too seriously? At less than a fiver, Arcadie turns you phone into an arcade gaming machine complete with retro looks and games. Granted, it is rather small, but whizz this novelty out in front of your friends and watch them flock around, wanting the chance to play for old times sake.

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Written by Sydney.

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