4 New Facebook Features to Understand

Facebook marketing is definitely here to stay. Facebook has passed 800 million users, according to their own calculations, and this being based on the people who have logged-in in the past 30 days. Facebook pages and profiles are going through major changes. If we are going to develop our personal profiles for our career, we […]

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Website Search Engine Optimization Guide

Keyword research is one of the most fundamental SEO activities and without the right keywords, SEO efforts will go astray.

Title tags are arguably the most important SEO tags for any site.

The Meta description tag is a snippet of HTML code that belongs inside the section of a Web page.

One of the most commonly known Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that go around has to do with the way you name and tag the images that you use on your site.

Heading tags (H1 through to H6) are given more weight by search engines than regular body copy.

Inline text links (Internal text links) are links placed within the content of your work.

Keyword density is a measure of the number of times your keyword appears on a page expressed as a percentage of the total wordcount of that page.

Unique content, in its simplest form, is material on a website that is completely different from content anywhere else on the internet.

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Best way to interlink multiple websites together – Google PR

How to Interlink multiple websites together I have a few websites that I want to interlink together as to have the best Google PR possible for each website. Let’s say that each website is somehow content related. The sites have different Google PRs. Google will give less importance to a link if the site receiving […]

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How to write content for the web

How to write content for the web Find your main topic Find a few short keyphrases around your main topic. The more popular your keyphrase, the better. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool Write your title which should use your primary keyphrase Write your text by emphasizing these chosen keyphrases. Repeat the exact keyphrases a few […]

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Google Analytics Manually Track Clicks

I’ve learnt something about Google Analytics tracking and I want to write it down somewhere to remember it for the future. What better place than my blog so I also let everyone else know about this small Google Analytics tracking Tip. I wanted to precisely track my sidebar outgoing clicks so when I go into […]

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Niche Stores and Ebay Affiliation

How to Build your eBay Niche Store.

1. Signup with Ebay Partner Network – Registration – What items have you sold?
2. Choose your niche – Use Niche Level Drilling
3. Your Target Keywords – Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Find the Best Ratio
4. Domain name – With or Without Dashes – Rules to Buying a Domain Name
5. Build your Wordpress Niche Site – Good theme for niche stores – Wordpress Plugins to Install – How to categorize your wordpress site – Create 4 basic pages – You need Content – Ebay Cookies – PHPBay Pro Wordpress Plugin
6. Improve your PR (Page Rank) – Backlinks – Tip to find valuable related backlinks – Tips for your site description
7. Make Money !!!

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How to Mass Delete Posts in WordPress PhpMyAdmin SQL

I’ve been looking for the SQL query instructions for phpmyadmin on how to mass delete posts for wordpress blogs according to specific date range. A friend gave me a functional sql query which I have tested and works perfectly. BACKUP YOUR WORDPRESS DATABASE before typing in any SQL Query! Read this article to correctly backup […]

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September 6th, 2008Crawl Rate Tracker Data

Crawl Rate Tracker Data

Data from Plugin “Crawl Rate Tracker” Two months ago I installed the WordPress Plugin called “Crawl Rate Tracker” you can download here. It’s compatible with WordPress 2.6x. With the data offered by this great wordpress plugin, Crawl Rate Tracker shows us how often the Search Engine Bots come crawling our websites and blogs. When a […]

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Twitter vs Plurk – Traffic Analysis

I’ve been using Twitter for a couple months and there’s a new contender in town called Plurk. Lots of blog writers have written articles comparing the features of both messaging systems but I wanted to take a new look into the two competitors. I want to analyze their statistical progression to evaluate their future popularity […]

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July 23rd, 2008My Popular Blogging Posts

My Popular Blogging Posts

I love to read articles about Internet, SEO, WordPress, Blogging and Social Networking. Although there is a large quantity of bloggers discussing these issues on their blogs, some topics are missing or are worth writing in more depth. On my Blog and Podcast, I post articles related to the Internet and blogging in my Internet […]

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