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I love to read articles about Internet, SEO, WordPress, Blogging and Social Networking. Although there is a large quantity of bloggers discussing these issues on their blogs, some topics are missing or are worth writing in more depth.

On my Blog and Podcast, I post articles related to the Internet and blogging in my Internet Category but I also post on completely different topics (see my categories). I do not have a niche site! There are too many topics I’m interested in and I can’t be bothered to have multiple blogs for each topic so I manage everything right here. It’s an advantage and a disadvantage. It’s easier to work on one blog but it’s harder to build loyal readership. I try to write and share the best about the many topics I’m interested in.

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I have written some Blogging articles which have become popular. They are a nice read and will probably teach you one thing or two.

My Popular Blogging Posts

SEO Guide to Google Image – Google Image search engine has the potential to bring in huge amounts of traffic to your blog or website. It is important to optimize your featured images so Google and other image search engines like Yahoo and MSN can index your pictures. In this article you’ll find 27 great tips to understand how Image search engines work and how to optimize your blog posts.

Are Social News Sites Useless? – You are a new blogger and are spending lots of time adding your latest article to various social news sites like Digg, Reddit, Mixx? You are probably wasting your time. Read this article to know why.

SEO Optimized WordPress Post – 14 Tips to optimize your wordpress posts. Reach a greater audience by putting all chances on your side and optimize your posts for search engines. Use proper title tags, descriptions, keywords, meta data etc… A complete list of points to optimize your articles.

Effect of Banalization – Your post is Incredible or it’s Crap! People have gotten used to reading incredibly well written, thorough and complete articles and anything that is not at least as good as what they have read previously is not worth their attention. You now need to work three times as hard on your stories if you want to impress your audience. A look into the rising demands of today’s readers.

Hotlink and Google Image – Google Image allows hijacking of image serp. If someone hotlinks your image which appears in the first positions for a popular query in Google, the website stealing your image might also steal your link and all your traffic! Learn all about this problem and what solutions to protect your image listings.

Trade Links with Great Blogs – One of the most efficient way to improve your site rank is getting valuable backlinks pointing to your blog or website. This article discusses one way to build links with other sites by researching and emailing the webmasters.

Add Line Breaks in WordPress – Adding line breaks in WordPress shouldn’t be a problem but it still is when using the Rich Visual Editor TinyMCE (wysiwyg). WordPress will modify your code and remove certain tags making your life a little harder. In this article, some tips are given to solve this annoying line breaking problem.

Submit your Post to get more Exposure – You have written a great article and would like people to find it? Submit your post to the top Social sites to increase your exposure. You’ll find the complete list of Social News Sites, Automatic submission engines, Social Bookmarking, Rss Feeds listings, Article Submission and other submitting services.

Compression Format for your Podcast – You have a podcast with video and audio and are wondering which is the best compression file format to offer your various media? Which video format is the most compatible on the internet today?

Multilingual Plugins for WordPress – You would like to have a multilingual blog using wordpress? Each article and page should be translated into 2 or more languages. Use the recommended wordpress plugins to enable the multilingual features and offer your content to an international market. Manually translate the text for optimal results or use the automatic plugins to make your life easier.

Monetize WordPress – Make a little money with your wordpress blog using Google Adsense. Guide to add the adsense code into your wordpress template files in the areas where you want the advertizements to appear.

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