Ultimate SEO Guide to Google Image

Google Image Homepage Ultimate SEO Guide to Google Image Search I have compiled a list of recommendations and useful informations to help understand and improve your rankings in Google Image Search. I also mention the competition; Yahoo and MSN. Get your images into this great search engine and enjoy traffic increases. My Blog and Podcast […]

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Writing the Perfect WordPress Blog Post The Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Secret Tips and Tricks WordPress offers many useful ways of optimizing your blog posts to help rank higher in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Higher ranking in the SERPS equals more visitors to your site and more income (if that’s your objective). […]

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Guide to Making a Voice Over Parody – by XarJ

So you’re interested in making a “Voice Over Parody” of a famous song?

Guide to creating a “Voice Over Parody” of a song “a la Xarj” :

Ingredients you need :
-Good quality video clip file
-Instrumental version (without singing) of the song
-Regular voice + music mp3 file of the song.
-I also like to find the accapella voices of the song in case i can’t sing, so i use the original voices. (a bit modified)
-You’ll need to print out the lyrics of the song
-Obviously, you need a microphone to record your voice!
-It’s a big help to use earphones when you record your voice
-I use Adobe Audition software to record my voice and modify the sound files.
-I use Adobe Premiere to synchronize and create the final video file. Video + different sound tracks. You could use any video creation software. Adobe Premiere is the best one.

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