Photobooth Hire An Economical Yet Very Fun Wedding Time Choice

Unlike a few decades ago today wedding receptions are anything but mundane. Sometimes old ideas with new technology can be brought together to make a special occasion even more special and entertaining. Almost every couple has come to realize the fact that adding a little extra to their reception apart from dancing, eating and mingling […]

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5 Less Known Tips For Achieving Excellent Winter Photos

Photographers, both amateur and professionals, who are lucky enough to live in climates where winter is accompanied by extraordinary snowy landscapes every year, have the chance to take a great set of pictures this season. The all-white streets, forests and fields provide an excellent opportunity for artistic snapshots that neither the first sunny days of […]

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August 23rd, 2009Suspended Monastary

Suspended Monastary

Suspended China Monastery The China Shanxi Datong The Hengshan monastery has the particularity of being built on the wall of a mountain to protect the monks inside. This superior view allowed the people to see invasion soon enough for them to barricade themselves. Beautiful China Suspended Monastry Photos :: Xuan Kong Si Related Images:

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June 5th, 2009Beautiful Scenery

Beautiful Scenery

Beautiful Scenery Photo Gallery What’s the most beautiful scenery you’ve seen? The high mountains of Himalaya, the amazon river in Brezil, the pyramids of Egypt or even a beautiful green field blowing in the wind. Enjoy this gallery comprised of all sorts of sceneries, landscape and more. A vision dramatic and moving at the same […]

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March 10th, 2009Snow Beauty

Snow Beauty

Snow Beauty Pictures This small photo gallery offers a great taste of winter and snow pictures. Beautiful snow in grandiose nature settings, photographed with great care and talent. A true work of art describes the Snow Beauty Picture Gallery. It’s winter right now in Montreal and I have to admit I’m anxious spring kicks in! […]

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March 5th, 2009Crazy Photos Gallery

Crazy Photos Gallery

Misc Crazy Photos Photo Gallery of 41 of the craziest photos you’ll ever see! In this crazy picture gallery, see amazing sculptures, funny animals, artistic pictures, huge explosion, monster wave, beautiful mansions, unbelievable sights and much more. See the Crazy Photo Gallery Related Images:

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December 23rd, 2008Lion + Tiger = Liger

Lion + Tiger = Liger

Lion + Tiger = Liger Photo Gallery The Liger is a hydrid cat born of the union of a tigress and a male lion. The Liger, as well as hybrids between different feline species, is the result of a completely artificial crossing. There is no possible natural hybrid feline, given the geographical distance, different periods […]

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October 28th, 2008Jump with Leafs

Jump with Leafs

Autumn is almost over and winter is approaching. Most of the tree leafs have fallen to the ground. Looking for a cool photo project? Then go out to the forest with a friend and a camera and take some great pictures of you throwing leafs into the air and jumping into the leafs. The contrast […]

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Nantes, Croisic, Guerande Photo Gallery

Affligem Beer Affligem Beer Nantes City Center Nantes City Center Nantes, Croisic, Guerande in Bretagne, France — Picture Gallery Nantes The heritage of Nantes is vast thanks to its rich history. The Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne (Dukes of Brittany) is the emblem of the historic city. The historic districts have many places and buildings […]

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Lille in Northern France Photo Gallery

City of Lille in Northern France – Picture Gallery Lille saw Charles de Gaulle’s birth and growth who’s house is now a museum. The General Louis Faidherbe, director of Senegal, was also born in Lille. The scientist Louis Pasteur was born in Dole (Franche-Comte), was appointed professor of chemistry and dean of the Faculty of […]

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