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Music MP3 :: “For Seby Rar” by Xarj

Back in the time I lived near Biarritz in France, my good buddy Sebastien Lopez came to spend some time in the south with me. We’ve created music together and he tends to prefer ‘experimental’ sounds, a bit anti-commercial. So my own solo music sometimes gets the ‘experimental’ bug and I end up adding lots of extreme noises. Luckily, this song is both experimental and easy to listen to. I’ve used a great beat rhythm accompanied by various relaxing sounds and samples. I’ve spent long hours on Sony Acid Pro to work on the loops to attain perfection! I really like this song! A reminder this song is Royalty Free so feel free to use it in your projects. Thanks for leaving a credit note.

I made this song on July 4, 2006 on CD # 42

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