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Royalty Free Music MP3 :: “For Seby Rar” by Xarj Back in the time I lived near Biarritz in France, my good buddy Sebastien Lopez came to spend some time in the south with me. We’ve created music together and he tends to prefer ‘experimental’ sounds, a bit anti-commercial. So my own solo music sometimes […]

February 9th, 2007MUSIC – MP3 – LALA song

Another song by XarJ. This one is called LALA .  It starts slow until a funky beat kicks in and melodious piano joins the other instrumentals.  It’s simple but very effective! Had a blast creating it with Sony ACID pro 6. So enjoy ! Got no bigger fan than myself !  WAHOOO !! 😉 Related […]

Daniela Ruah at James Leicester Student Hall in London In 2002-2003, i was studying for a marketing bachelor at the London Metropolitan University on Holloway road. I lived in a student hall called James Leicester where i met Daniela Ruah, the beautiful girl on the photo! And guess what, she’s a famous actress now! Congratulations […]

I originally created this U2 mix “With or Without You” remix in June 2004, i had recorded my voice on it but I’m not a singer like Philippe is, so he wanted to give the song a shot. So one night in October 2005 we recorded Phil’s voice on my mix and we both thought […]

September 29th, 2007READY OR NOT MUSIC MIX by XARJ

READY OR NOT MUSIC MIX by XARJ Free Music or is it? When ever i hear a cool song, i try to cut out a loop that i can use in some of my music . It’s not always easy to cut out a good loop because of voices , vocals or solos that get […]

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