Usain Bolt Fastest Man on the Planet!

Usain Bolt is born on August 21, 1986 in Trelawny Parish and is a Jamaican athlete specialist in the sprint races and holder of world records for 100m (9 secs 69) and 200m (19 secs 30), these two records have been established at the Olympic Games in Beijing on 16 and 20 August 2008.

Usain Bolt becomes at 15 years old and 332 days the youngest World Junior champion in history of the 200 meters race, running the distance in a time of 20 seconds 61.

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August 1st, 2008Tornado in Montreal

Tornado in Montreal

A water spout is a meteorological phenomenon like tornadoes, which rises above the water rather than land. It is accompanied by winds blowing at speeds ranging from 80 to 100 km/h. But Wednesday afternoon, not one but two water spouts were observed above the St. Lawrence River in the Montreal area. The weather phenomenon is […]

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Typhoon Extreme Surfing in Japan

Surfing Typhoon’s in Japan is just sick! No human being should surf a cyclone or typhoon wave, it is just suicidal!

The release of heat in a mature tropical cyclone or typhoon may exceed 2×1019 watts. This equates to a 10 megatonnes thermonuclear bomb detonated every 20 minutes. Tropical cyclones in the open sea cause huge waves, heavy rain and strong winds. This disturbs navigation routes and sometimes sinking ship. However, the most devastating tropical cyclones occur when they strike the coast and enter the land. In this case, a tropical cyclone may cause enormous damage.

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‘Later Time’ Music and Video

Tunnel in Foix “Later Time” Music and Video by Xarj I created the song ‘Later Time’ a long time ago with the base piano chords and a certain rhythm. When i lived in the Basque Country in France, I met Philippe Boudal at Quiksilver, we were both in our internships. During one of our numerous […]

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My Girlfriend’s Crazy Cat – Video

Master of Crazy Cats Dead Cat on the Sofa My Girlfriend’s Cat is Crazy! I’ve been living with this cat for 3 months now and it still does not allow me to touch her. If I dare try to caress it, I’ll get bitten and scratched hard! Only this cat’s master, my girlfriend, can touch […]

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July 4th, 2008Rainbow in France

Rainbow in France

Rainbow in France Perfect Rainbow in France A beautiful Rainbow in France early July 2008 A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that makes visible the continuous spectrum of light from the sky when the sun shines during the rain. It is a colorful arc with the outside red and purple inside. The rainbow […]

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Lifted by Pixar – Amazing Animation Video

Lifted by Pixar Studio – Amazing Animation Video When an overconfident teen alien gets behind the controls of a spaceship, he must attempt to abduct a slumvering farmer under the waterful eye of a critical instructor. But abducting humans requires precision and a gentle touch, and within a few misstemps it’s painfully clear why more […]

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My Trip to Montreal Canada – Video Photos

My Trip to Montreal, Canada – May-June 2008 Sphere Montreal, Expo 1967 Sphere Montreal – Expo 1967 Place des Arts in Montreal Canada Place des Arts in Montreal Canada Church in center of Montreal Saint Catherin street Church in center of Montreal on St Catherine street Begging Raccoon in Mont-Royal mountain Begging Raccoon in Mont-Royal […]

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Naturally 7 A Cappella in Paris Metro

Naturally 7 BeatBox Accapella Naturally 7 is a group of a cappella music singers. Naturaly 7 sings mainly R & B making Beatbox with their mouth – they all produce their sounds with their voices without any instrument. The group members are Garfield Buckley, Rod Eldridge, Warren Thomas, Jamal Reed, Roger Thomas, Dwight Stewart, Armand […]

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Shania Twain Feel Like a Woman Parody – Music MP3

Shana Twain Picture Shania Twain “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” Voice over Parody by XarJ Music MP3 In this Music MP3 Parody, Canadian singer Shania Twain sings like a Man! The title should be changed to : Woman, I feel like a MAN! To create this voice over parody, I found the instrumental version […]

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