October 21st, 2008Music Machine

Music Machine

Amazing video of a machine making music

Complex animation video by Animusic.
Computer Animation Graphics mixed with music is a big hit! Bravo to Animusic! CGi Graphics Power.

Watch the Music Machine Video

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Hayden Panettiere Destroying McCain

Video of Hayden Panettiere trashing John McCain! There are 3 things all citizens should do : Smoke Cigarettes Vote for John McCain Don’t wear seat belts A vote for McCain is a vote against change. He’ll start another war. He’s just like George Bush except older and with a worse temper. He’ll get fucked and […]

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September 25th, 2008Space Hamster Animation Video

Space Hamster Animation Video

Space Hamster Animation Video

The first step on the moon encourages a little boy to send his pet hamster into space! Beautiful animation video created by gifted french students!

This animation video took 4 months to accomplish. Animated for a video course at the Lisaa school by :
Hadrien BENNEHARD, Vincent HOCHET, Martin CLAUDE, Quentin SUR and music by Aurélien MARINI.

Screenshots from the Animation Video

Space Hamster Video ::

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September 25th, 2008Jump and Fly Kitty Cat – Video

Jump and Fly Kitty Cat – Video

Jump and Fly Kitty Cat

My girlfriend’s little kitty cat is the star of this new funny animal video! That crazy, fury and hairy cat loves to go upstairs on our bed since it’s the most comfortable place in the appartement. When she does that, she leaves a ton of cat hair on the bed and I simply couldn’t stand it anymore! How do I teach a cat not to go upstairs on our bed?

Hureca! Everytime the kitty cat has the very bad idea to go into our very forbidden sacred room, I block the staircase so she cannot get back down and she is stuck upstairs!

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August 23rd, 2008Surfing Mouse Video

Surfing Mouse Video

Surfing Mouse Video

The mouse (Mus musculus for scientists) is a small rodent which sometimes enjoys to surf on big waves. Mouses are an animal generally quite often fearful which lives near or in human habitations.

Watch the Surfer Mouse Video.

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August 22nd, 2008Surfing Glaciers in Alaska

Surfing Glaciers in Alaska

Glacier Iceberg Surfing in Alaska

Surfing the wave created by the break down and falling of part of an iceberg is completly crazy because of the size of the wave created and the freezing temperatures of the water. It is highly dangerous and should not be attempted without proper preparation and equipment.

A glacier is a mass of ice which is formed by many layers of snow accumulated on its surface. Crushed under its own weight, snow expels air in the glacier and it forms into one big block of ice. The glaciers represent 98.5% of fresh water on the planet.

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Typhoon Extreme Surfing in Japan

Surfing Typhoon’s in Japan is just sick! No human being should surf a cyclone or typhoon wave, it is just suicidal!

The release of heat in a mature tropical cyclone or typhoon may exceed 2×1019 watts. This equates to a 10 megatonnes thermonuclear bomb detonated every 20 minutes. Tropical cyclones in the open sea cause huge waves, heavy rain and strong winds. This disturbs navigation routes and sometimes sinking ship. However, the most devastating tropical cyclones occur when they strike the coast and enter the land. In this case, a tropical cyclone may cause enormous damage.

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‘Later Time’ Music and Video

Tunnel in Foix “Later Time” Music and Video by Xarj I created the song ‘Later Time’ a long time ago with the base piano chords and a certain rhythm. When i lived in the Basque Country in France, I met Philippe Boudal at Quiksilver, we were both in our internships. During one of our numerous […]

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My Girlfriend’s Crazy Cat – Video

Master of Crazy Cats Dead Cat on the Sofa My Girlfriend’s Cat is Crazy! I’ve been living with this cat for 3 months now and it still does not allow me to touch her. If I dare try to caress it, I’ll get bitten and scratched hard! Only this cat’s master, my girlfriend, can touch […]

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July 4th, 2008Rainbow in France

Rainbow in France

Rainbow in France Perfect Rainbow in France A beautiful Rainbow in France early July 2008 A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that makes visible the continuous spectrum of light from the sky when the sun shines during the rain. It is a colorful arc with the outside red and purple inside. The rainbow […]

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