For Seby Rar – Royalty Free Music MP3

Royalty Free Music MP3 :: “For Seby Rar” by Xarj Back in the time I lived near Biarritz in France, my good buddy Sebastien Lopez came to spend some time in the south with me. We’ve created music together and he tends to prefer ‘experimental’ sounds, a bit anti-commercial. So my own solo music sometimes […]

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Vacation Day Music MP3 by XarJ

Perfect Vacation Destination Music MP3 “Vacation Day” by XarJ I start by some slow piano with  backup vocals. The music builds up and I start singing in french. I have recorded two vocal tracks, one normal main voice and one backup relatively high pitched voice overlapping the main voice. Since this singing is 100% improvisation, […]

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Newest Star Music MP3 by Xarj

Newest Star Music MP3 by Xarj called “Newest Star” Newest Star starts with a Spacy String Instrument and some Hip Hop beats. Followed by a high pitched bell sound, the organ bass jumps in and then the true deep bass. The Hip Hop beat accelerates and the song is on it’s way. Some cool piano […]

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Pussycat Dolls Don’t Cha – Parody Music MP3

“Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls – Parody Music MP3 by XarJ PussyCat Dolls The PussyCat Dolls Girls Music Group This is my Music MP3 for the Voice Over Parody I created on October 7, 2006 on my CD number 42. Created using the instrumental version of “Don’t Cha”, the accapella version and recordings of […]

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March 24th, 2008Birth – Music MP3 by XarJ

Birth – Music MP3 by XarJ

Birth Drawing Music MP3 called “Birth” by Xarj I recorded this song on January 30th, 2005 and it is part of my CD # 36. The original Birth song is 15 minutes long so I found my favorite part in the middle and cut it out. I added a fade-in and fade-out so the song […]

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March 17th, 2008Faces Graphic by XarJ

Faces Graphic by XarJ

Do you recognize any of those faces? I spent quite a while finding all the photos and preparing this Faces Graphic. I have inserted two male faces, can you tell which ones they are? All the rest are supposed to be female faces. There are approximately 70 different faces. If you look closely, you’ll see […]

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LPSIL – Loops Remixed Music MP3

Remix Picture This song is called LPSIL which stands for “Licence Professionnelle Systèmes Informatiques et Logiciels”. This is the name of my one year university course I took in Bayonne France, graduated in 2005. First time I would study computer science! But I had been using them all my life so I wasn’t completely lost. […]

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Video by XarJ

The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Music Video Today is a special day (February 29th) and I have prepared something very special for you! I’ve spent long hours in Adobe Premiere working on my latest project “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. I also sing in french so the title is “Le Lion est mort ce soir”. I […]

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February 28th, 2008Persona – Music MP3 by XARJ

Persona – Music MP3 by XARJ

Persona :: Royalty Free Music MP3 by Xarj The name of my song is “Persona”. Recorded on September 14, 2004 and part of my CD # 35. My music starts with a progression. The piano loop is followed by my vocals and some additional piano tracks, the bass piano track jumps in and a second […]

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February 19th, 2008XARJ IS POSITIVE :: Music MP3

Xarj is Positive :: Music MP3 by Xarj This song is made entirely from loop samples imported into Acid Pro. Some female vocals repetition with a mysterious string following the musical progression. Then the bass and beats jump in to give this “positive” song more rhythm. Might sound a little repetitive but that was my […]

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