Sunday Morning : Music Video Clip by DoubleMinds

Bidart Plage Centre SurfPhilippe and I started out by creating the great musical song : “Sunday Morning” and then decided the song was good enough it deserved a Music Video Clip! So we took the camcorder to the La Barre beach in Anglet France and waited to low tide so we could access the sand beach. If you look at the waves in the background, you’ll conclude that day was a BIG SURF day! If i remember correctly, the Surf Report annonced 4m and up. La Barre which is a protected by Diggs always breaks much smaller than the rest of the Anglet beaches like Les Cavaliers. On that day, La Barre was filled with white water! Surfer’s all had to get closer to Spain where the waves are smaller since the swell doesn’t hit with it’s full force.

So on the video, Phil and I dance on the beach with the white water in the background. The big load of rocks on the other side of the beach to stop the high tide. I love to put videos backwards so some parts have benefited from that effect. Back then i lived in St Pierre D’Irube 64990. We had a huge garden and one side of the house had a clear white wall I use in this video. You’ll see me with a wigg (like Phil) with my old dog Titus who passed away a few months later.

I filmed the footage in 16:9 Widescreen format but you are watching it 4:3. In adobe Premiere i wasn’t able to modify it so the various players around would automatically play it in the right 16:9 format. Too bad! I have the original copy on my hard-drive and I can watch it the proper way!

The song is great! Nice piano looop intro, perfect mix of guitar and piano with amazing vocals by Philippe Boudal.

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